Mid Ulster TUV man dismisses McCrea claim over unity candidate

Walter Millar
Walter Millar

TUV Mid Ulster Representative Walter Millar has challenged comments made by former Mid Ulster MP Rev William McCrea over an agreed unity candidate.

Mr Millar said that election results in the last three elections have shown clearly that a Unity candidate cannot win the seat and that fewer unionists will come out to vote for a Unity candidate.

Walter Millar continued by saying that while in the 2013 By Election Unity Candidate Mr Nigel Lutton may have received over 34 per cent of the vote polling 12,781 votes but there was a low poll and many SinnFein voters didn’t turn out as they knew Francie Molloy would win the seat easily which he did.

The election results in 2010 showed that that when three Unionists contested the seat the combined Unionist vote was 13,380 and in May 2015 the Unionist votes among the four parties the UUP ,DUP ,TUV and UKIP totalled 14,538 an increase of over 1700 votes than what Nigel Lutton the agreed Unionist candidate received in 2013

Walter Millar concluded by saying that he couldn’t see where the Rev McCrea got the figures to suggest that a single Unionist Candidate would have brought more Unionists out to vote unless the figures he was given was “fantasy figures “ given to him by those in the DUP who have produced a “fantasy budget “ for the Stormont Executive. He said that “those in the DUP who are now concerned about Sinn Fein winning Westminster Seats which they don’t take are to late as if they had shown the same concern in 2007 they wouldn’t have accepted and went into Government with Sinn/Fein in the Stormont Executive”.