Mid Ulster TUV man hails ‘independence day’

Walter Millar
Walter Millar

In a statement issued this week TUV Mid Ulster Representative Walter Millar has congratulated and thanked the 17 million UK voters who voted in the to leave the European Union.

He said this was “the most important election for generations and will change the face of UK Politics as no longer will our Country be subject to European Rules and Regulations foisted upon us by unelected bureaucrats but rather the UK Government can now take control of our own affairs and have Sovereignty over our own nation once again”.

“The election results showed how out of touch many establishment political figures from the Conservative and Labour Parties which included Prime Minister David Cameron and former Prime Ministers Gordon Brown Tony Blair and John Major were out of touch with many voters living in working class and rural areas of the United Kingdom as their views and fears about immigration, low wages and national identity being taken away had been ignored and this is why they voted as they did to leave the European Union.

“While as expected there will be uncertainty and instability with the Stock Markets and Currency Values for a short time these will soon recover and the UK Economy which is the fifth Largest in the world would continue to grow and prosper while other European Nations in the Union such as the Netherlands and France would consider whether they should also have a Referendum as to remain or leave.”

Mr Millar thanked the Leading Leave Campaigners’ in the mainland such as Nigel Farage MEP , Boris Johnston MP and Michael Gove MP along with his Party Leader Jim Allister MLA Q.C. in Northern Ireland “for their effective leadership and debating skills which brought about such an important and historic victory for the British people and he said that Nigel Farage was correct when he said that June 23rd should be a National Bank Holiday and remembered each year as our “Independence Day”.