Mid Ulster TUV man outlines reasons behind pro-Brexit

Walter Millar
Walter Millar

TUV Mid Ulster representative Walter Millar has said that his party and its Leader Jim Allister Q.C. MLA have a very clear and definite position on the European Union that an exit from this Union would be beneficial to the United Kingdom.

Walter Millar continued by saying that there will be many arguments put forward to the electorate between now and the Referendum in June for staying in or out but there are three clear reasons why the TUV believe it is the interests of the United Kingdom to leave.

At present the United Kingdom Government puts in twice as much money to the European Union than it gets back and in monetary terms it costs us £1million for very hours membership almost £9 Billion a year.

The United Kingdom Government has no longer its own Sovereignty and its Parliament and Courts are subject to European Legislation with unelected Bureaucrats’ making rules and regulations which remove our powers and self determination.

The problem of illegal immigrants being free to roam across Europes open borders in the hope of entering the United Kingdom is not only costing the United Kingdom Government vast sums of money when these illegal immigrants get here but this is a clear threat to our National Security as many of these immigrants are coming from Syria Iraq and Libya where there is a high level of support for Islamic State terrorists and that is why the UK should close its borders.