Mid Ulster TUV man says victims ‘must be the focus’

Walter Millar
Walter Millar

Traditional Unionist Party Mid Ulster Chairman Walter Millar has welcomed the fact that Party Leader Jim Allister has for the third time hosted an event in the Senate Chamber Stormont marking European Day For Victims of Terrorism.

It was supported by Mike Nesbitt MLA UUP Party Leader and Alban Maginness MLA of the SDLP who assisted Mr Allister in sponsoring the event.

Mr Millar told the MAIL that innocent victims of IRA terrorism in the Mid Ulster area had attended the event and it was appropriate and necessary that the focus of the media should be with the innocent victims of terrorism.

He said that it had coincided as during the last few weeks many have had to endure the spectacle of hearing that 187 letters had been given out to Republicans referred to as “on the runs OTRs” in a deal with Sinn/Fein and the Tony Blair Labour Government which effectively was saying that these OTRs would not be arrested or taken before the courts.

Mr Millar added that the TUV and his Party Leader had and would continue to give strong leadership and oppose this arrangement which was deeply offensive to innocent victims and prevented the legal course of Justice from taking place.