Mid Ulster UKIP candidate makes Eastern promise if elected

UKIP Mid Ulster candidate Alan Day with party leader Nigel Farage
UKIP Mid Ulster candidate Alan Day with party leader Nigel Farage
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UKIP Mid Ulster candidate Alan Day has pledged to donate the majoirty of his wages to help persecuted Christians in the Middle East, if elected to Westminister in thye forthcoming general election.

Setting out his commitmnet, Mr Day said:

“I promise to donate the majority of my Westminster wage to help persecuted Christians (& other minorities) in the Middle East.

I promise to oppose the liberalisation of abortion law in Northern Ireland.

UKIP stand for:

- UK wide unionism. We believe Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales & England are better together. We are the only party with elected politicians in all 4 constituent parts of the UK.

- An end to mandatory coalition at Stormont.

- A smaller Northern Ireland Assembly & an official opposition.

- A referendum on membership of the undemocratic European Union.

- Implementation of the Military Covenant.

- Implementation of a fair and equitable points based immigration system like Australia.

- Removing anyone on the minimum wage from paying income tax (Mid‐Ulster has one of the highest % of people on the minimum wage).

- Supporting our grammar school system whilst seeking great schools for all our children.

- Community policing based on preventing crime rather than policing based on targets & conviction rates.