Mid Ulster voted in favour of remaining in EU, as calls made for border poll

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A majority of people in Mid Ulster came out and voted in favour of remaining within the EU in Thursday’s referendum, which has seen an overall vote in favour of Brexit.

The percentage in favour of remaining in EU was 60.4 per cent [25,612 votes] in Mid Ulster while the Leave option received 39.6 per cent [16,799 votes].

The turnout in Mid Ulster was 61.7 per cent of the electorate.

As fears continue to mount over the impact of the decision in Northern Ireland Ulster Unionist Party Leader, Mike Nesbitt MLA, has said the public needs to be reassured that the Executive has a plan for the way forward.

“Despite the clear majority within Northern Ireland voting to Remain within the European Union, we must respect the overall result and deal with it and its implications, political, financial and social.

“There is no evidence that the Executive has been planning for this outcome. They need to move very quickly to reassure the public that there is a plan, because the full implications for Northern Ireland may not be clear for up to two years.

“I am very disappointed but not surprised that the deputy First Minister’s reaction was to introduce further uncertainty by calling for a border poll on a united Ireland. If he really was the First Minister for all that he claims to be, he would not be taking such an opportunistic and party political stance. I call on the Secretary of State to make clear she will not initiate a referendum on Northern Ireland’s constitutional future.

“This has been a bitter and divisive campaign. The result changes the nature of the United Kingdom and the Ulster Unionist Party will be tireless in playing its role in ensuring the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland remains strong.”