Mid Ulster's two remaining seats will be decided by TUV transfers

With Mid Ulster's nationalist parties home dry, its two main unionist parties are no closer to getting a candidate elected after the sixth count.

Friday, 6th May 2016, 7:28 pm
Updated Friday, 6th May 2016, 8:42 pm
Votes are still being counted in Ballymena for Mid Ulster's two remaining seats

Talk in both the DUP and UUP camps suggest it will all come down to where TUV candidate Hannah Loughrin’s (1990.38) votes go, when she is eliminated from the count - as is likely to happen.

At this stage of the evening, five candidates remain, but really only three are in the running for the last two seats.

The UUP’s Sandra Overend is leading the poll with 4989.36 after Green Party candidate Stefan Taylor’s transfers were distributed.

The DUP’s Ian McCrea and Keith Buchanan are still close with McCrea on 3817.17 votes to Buchanan’s 3691.65.

Workers Party candidate Hugh Scullion has done well on transfers, winning 216.92 in the last round from the Greens to bring him up to 1414.75.