Millar warns against trying to ‘rewrite’ Teebane history

Walter Millar
Walter Millar

TRADITIONAL Unionist Party Mid-Ulster Chairman Walter Millar has said that 22 years on from the Teebane atrocity when eight Protestant workers were murdered by an IRA bomb, there has still been no arrests or convictions for what was one of the worst acts of terrorism in Northern Ireland.

“One of the worrying developments about this atrocity along with many others is that there are those who are trying to rewrite history and the true version of what happened, including Dr Haass,” he said.

“In his report he has made no reference to acts of terrorism in Northern Ireland ,but rather was to refer to those IRA terrorists as ‘actors’ and state that there was a conflict in Northern Ireland rather than a campaign of terrorism.”

Mr Millar said that the eight workers coming home that Friday afternoon on January 17, 1992, from their place of work were not in conflict but innocent civilians murdered by IRA terrorists.

“No one, including Dr Haass, should be allowed to change the truth of what happened that day and that is why all Unionists should reject his flawed document.”

Continuing, Mr Millar added: “Although this atrocity happened 22 years ago there must still be the resolve of Government and the PSNI to bring those responsible for this action before the Courts so that the families will have truth and justice.”

Those killed were on a van containing 14 construction workers who had left work at Lisanelly Army base in Omagh. They were employees of Karl Construction, based in Antrim.

As the van made its way along the man Omagh to Cookstown road, the bomb was detonated at the Teebane crossroad around 5pm.