Mindfulness class in Magherafelt can help relieve stress


If you enjoy the sunshine or exercise outdoors, then the bright summer evenings are perfect, however if you suffer from depression then the long nights can be difficult.

Prompted by this challenge, leading mental health and depression charity, Aware is launching summer Mindfulness workshops in towns and cities across Northern Ireland.

Kicking off on Thursday July 23 from 7-9pm in Greenvale Leisure Centre, the workshops will be taken by Aware’s Mindfulness Practitioner, Frank Liddy and will last approximately 2.5 hours.

Mindfulness is a world recognised technique that can help participants decrease anxiety, worry and stress and help them focus their energy and enthusiasm on improving their personal and professional life.

Aware Chief Executive, Siobhan Doherty said, “Our Summer Programme will help people understand more about Mindfulness and will allow them experience it – then they will know how effective it is in reducing stress and anxiety and dealing with the worries of daily life. Our Mindfulness courses provide people with the tools that will enable and empower them to discover their full potential by tapping into their reservoir of resilience. We have been delivering Mindfulness now for almost a year and the feedback from participants has been amazing”.

Aware’s Mindfulness Practitioner, Frank Liddy, who will deliver the programme, has more than 25 years experience in the mental health sector and has been at the forefront of developing creative mindfulness based initiatives to communities across Northern Ireland.

Frank Liddy said: “I’m really looking forward to our Mindfulness Summer Programme as I know it will be rewarding for both me and the participants. Aware’s Mindfulness Programme is tailored to explore the direct experiences of the participants and the obstacles that may arise in everyday life. Our experience to date has shown that people coming to our courses have reported that they have discovered a new way of being, gained confidence and awareness, as well as developing the tools and skills necessary to deal with life’s challenges.”

Aware is the leading charity in the north that works exclusively for those experiencing depression and bipolar disorder. They are also specialise in the promotion of positive mental health and early intervention services. Since 1996 it has been providing support to those experiencing depression and their carers.

If you wish to attend the Aware Summer Mindfulness workshop you can find all the details on the website, www.aware-ni.org– as places are limited you should register your place, giving your name, address and venue by email to frank@aware_ni.org.