Minister in pledge to find flood solution

Floods in the Annaghbeg Road/Reenaderry Road area of Derrytresk
Floods in the Annaghbeg Road/Reenaderry Road area of Derrytresk

Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill is “fully aware” of the concerns raised by Derrytresk residents about flooding in the area and says her Rivers Agency staff are continuing to work to address the problem.

One local motorist captured the extent of the flooding on camera following last week’s heavy rainfall.

Flooding on the Reenaderry Road Derrytresk

Flooding on the Reenaderry Road Derrytresk

The video, which can be seen at, shows the Reenaderry Road completely submerged by water as the driver moves slowly and carefully through.

At least two local homes were threatened by the rising flood waters, and Rivers Agency staff attended the properties to give assistance with sand bags and pumping equipment.

In a response to the TIMES about the continued problems in the area, Michelle O’Neill said: “The road at this location lies within a flood plain and is therefore prone to flooding during periods of intense rainfall, such as was experienced last week when the River Blackwater rose significantly.

“I’m fully aware of the situation at this location and have had numerous discussions with Rivers Agency staff about what measures can be taken to reduce the risk of flooding and to practically assist the two local residents in relation to protecting their homes.

“I continue to monitor the situation as Rivers Agency staff work to clear trees along the canal, which should help to reduce flood risk. They are making good progress but this area will always be vulnerable when the river level is high.”

Local SDLP councillor, Malachy Quinn, said residents were “sick to the teeth” of the problem.

“I call for urgent action to be taken to find a lasting solution to this issue and I’ll be writing to all bodies concerned to try and find a solution. Credit to those who came out with sandbags and pumps to help those affected”, he said.