MLA claims bias against local pupils

Maurice Morrow   TT1910-161JS
Maurice Morrow TT1910-161JS

THE Department of Education has been accused of bias against Protestant pupils in the Dungannon District, after it was revealed that Catholic maintained schools get three times as many additional places as the controlled sector.

Figures obtained by DUP MLA Maurice Morrow show that 62 percent of additional places were allocated to Catholic schools with less than 20% going to the controlled sector.

Lord Morrow raised the case of a Dungannon child who failed to get enrolled in the school closest to her home.

“Despite being a huge step for a young child attending school for the first time, the Minister refused to facilitate this additional place in a controlled sector primary school”, he said.

“However just a stone’s throw away was a different story, where a Catholic maintained primary school in Galbally was granted eight additional places.

“He’s been heavy handed to one side of the education community, and unduly liberal with the other.”