Molloy calls for understanding in Coagh IRA men row

Mid Ulster MP Francie Molloy
Mid Ulster MP Francie Molloy

MID Ulster MP Francie Molloy has entered the ongoing victims row sparked by the inquests of three IRA men killed in Coagh.

He said there was a “need for a greater understanding of the term victim when we are addressing issues of the past”.

Responding to statements from the UUP’s Sandra Overend and a victims group published on the Mid Ulster Mail website, Mr Molloy said he was ‘saddened’ by their tone.

“It is crucial, as we look towards the future, that there is an understanding that no section of the community has a monopoly on suffering and loss,” he said.

“What is needed is empathy for all victims here, pain and grief should not be sectarianised, it transcends political divides and there can be no hierarchy of victims.

“This is an outstanding area of the Good Friday Agreement that is yet to be dealt with. Sinn Féin have been the leading advocate of an impartial, independent and wholistic approach; such as an international truth commission.

“We are very hopeful that this will be one of the out-workings of the ongoing Haass talks. In the meantime, though, I think it is crucial, with all that is going on, that political leaders here send positive messages that will help, and not hinder, moving towards a more cohesive society,” the Sinn Fein MP added.