Molloy joins call to lower voting age

Francie Molloy MLA.
Francie Molloy MLA.

MID Ulster MP hopeful, Francie Molloy, says the lowering of the voting age to 16 would be an “important step” in allowing young people to participate in the democratic process.

The Sinn Fein MLA made the call after MPs in Westminster voted recently in support of the proposal.

The Assembly has already backed the campaign in November, led by the youngest MLA, Megan Fearon on Sinn Fein.

Mr Molloy said: “It is important that the voices of young people are heard and lowering the voting age to sixteen would be an important step in allowing more people to participate in the democratic process.

“Recently in Scotland they announced that sixteen year-olds will get the vote in their referendum on independence and Argentina also announced the vote for people aged sixteen. “Young people are eager to participate in the democratic process and in countries like Austria where younger people have the vote the indications are that they are one of the biggest sectors that vote.”