Molloy reselected to contest Mid-Ulster seat in Westminster

Mid Ulster MP Francie Molloy with Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness and MLA's.
Mid Ulster MP Francie Molloy with Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness and MLA's.

Current MP for Mid Ulster, Francie Molloy, has been re-selected by Sinn Féin to contest the seat in the forthcoming Westminster elections next year.

Speaking at the selection convention in Mid Ulster the sitting MP said that he was “honoured and delighted to lead the challenge to build on the recent success of the party in the new Mid Ulster Council elections in May.”

Mr Molloy MP said, “Having retained the Westminster seat in a by-election in 2013 I made it clear that I would be working right across Mid Ulster to represent all of the people and that’s what I continue to do day and daily. I am confident that the hard work of Sinn Féin and all of our elected representatives with the people of Mid Ulsterwill be reflected come next May.”

“In these past two years the challenges facing the electorate have been considerable. Welfare cuts and budget cuts brought about by a Tory millionaire cabinet are putting a strain on people’s weekly income and would be significantly greater but for Sinn Féin’s opposition to it.”

“It is right that Sinn Féin should continue to oppose these Tory cuts – everyday in our constituency offices we hear from people who have been cut from tax Credits, cut off Employment Support Allowance and from DLA, they have been cut from Housing Benefits and when they look to the future they are looking at more cuts, all of this being supported locally by the DUP.”

“Across Mid Ulster I have met with people affected by the challenges due to Tory cuts in the Stormont block grant – since the last election the Tory government has effectively taken millions of pounds out of the Assembly budget. That severely restricts they ability to deal with pressures on health, education, roads, housing etc.”

Mr Molloy continued: “As MP for Mid Ulster, I have been working with the engineering sector to promote the concept of a dedicated Skills Centre of Excellence to ensure that the major employers in this constituency can continue to deliver the world class service they currently provide. Provision of skilled welders, engineers and machine operators in the future should be a priority issue for Mid Ulster.”

“Looking to the future I am confident that the leadership shown by my Sinn Féin colleagues in the new Mid Ulster Council will ensure that equality is central to our work there. We have a fantastic opportunity to deliver for the whole community. I would encourage everyone to get involved in the community planning days that have been organised to ensure your voice is heard and the work of the Council will reflect what the community wants the Council to deliver.”

“Sinn Féin have a strong team of representatives across Mid Ulster and I am very proud to be part of that team. From our Councillors through to the Deputy First Minister, you can be sure that your voice is heard.”

“Through our constituency service we deliver results for constituents on a daily basis. Whether the issue is funding for pre-school places, roads resurfacing, housing needs or representation at social security appeal tribunals, your Sinn Féin representative will be working on your behalf.”

“I look forward to continuing the work as an MP on your behalf and urge the people of Mid Ulster to give me as the Sinn Féin candidate a strong and effective mandate by voting Sinn Féin.”