Molloy welcomes Warm Homes scheme extension

Mid Ulster MP Francie Molloy
Mid Ulster MP Francie Molloy

MID Ulster MP, Francie Molloy, has welcomed the news that the Warm Homes Scheme will continue on in its current format until March 2015.

The scheme to assist with heating and insulation measures has already helped thousands of people.

Mr Molloy said: “Over that past several years the Warm Homes Scheme has provided a range of measures to improve conditions for many homes and has helped reduce heating costs through energy saving steps.

“It is good news that the scheme will continue to operate on the same criteria until next March, after then it is likely to be subject to change. Hopefully in this next nine months many more homes will be able to benefit from the scheme.”

The Sinn Fein MP outlined what the scheme can provide.

“There are various measures from hot water cylinder jackets, to loft and cavity wall insulation”, he said.

“Where the person is on certain income related benefits they may also be entitled to installation of oil or gas.

“The scheme is open to those who own or rent their home from a private landlord. If you are interested in the scheme and want to get more information then you should contact the Warm Homes Scheme on 0800 988 0559.”