Moneymore Women’s Institute AGM


The Annual General Meeting of Moneymore WI got off to a good start when Anne Bates welcomed a large turnout of members after the summer break.

She also welcomed Beth Irwin to chair the meeting and her 2 tellers, Margaret Montgomery and Julia Glasgow.

After everyone had voted, Anne McCrea read the minutes of the last AGM and presented a report of the year’s activities. Fionn Hughes presented the treasurer’s report.

Beth then invited the president to conduct the monthly business. Arrangements were made to enter the City of Belfast Flower Show and The Festival of Food and Flowers. Names were taken to attend the Women’s Rural Day and Autumn Council Meeting.

Anne McCrea gave a short resume of her recent cruise to Norway which whetted the travelling appetites of many.

Beth presented awards to Doreen Brown,Violet Mowbray, Wendy McAdoo and Hilary Lawrence.

The names of the new committee were then announced as follows ­:

Doreen Brown, Linda Brown, Noreen Cousley, Anne Caufield, Marion Elliott, Fionn Hughes,Heather Miller, Anne McKeown, Valerie McAleece Gillian Starritt and Mary Tohill. Doreen Brown was elected the new President. The rest of the committee is ­: Vice President Noreen Cousley,Secretary Anne McKeown, Assistant Secretary Gillian Starritt, Treasurer Linda Brown, Assistant Treasurer Valerie McAleece, Social Secretary and P.R.O. Fionn Hughes, Magazines Mary Tohill, Competition and Roll Call Marion Elliott, Tea Convenors Anne Caulfield

and Heather Miller, International Officer Rosamund O’Reilly.

Beth Irwin then regaled us with a couple of poems written by the late Violet Willis from Dungannon. These were most enjoyable. She then judged the competition­­­­­an old holiday photograph­­­­­ resulting in 1st Heather Miller, 2nd Helen Andrews.

Alison Hunter proposed a Vote of thanks to Beth and her tellers and handed over small gifts, she also thanked the tea hostess for a lovely supper.

Doreen then took the Chair and closed the meeting with the Countrywomen’s Song accompanied by Alison on the piano.