Monteith pushes for Dungannon’s supremacy in new council

Dungannon councillor Barry Monteith
Dungannon councillor Barry Monteith

THE issue of welfare rights is a key one for Dungannon independent candidate, Councillor Barry Monteith, who attended well over 118 benefits tribunals last year alone.

Well known in the Dungannon area, the former Sinn Fein member turned Independent Republican, topped the poll for Dungannon Town in the last local council elections, and said he has been “overwhelmed” this time around with offers of help from large numbers of people with his campaign.

As well as issues surrounding welfare cuts, Barry Monteith is campaigning to have Dungannon as the centre of administration for the new super council, arguing:

“Dungannon is the natural choice for the headquarters of the new Mid-Ulster council. Dungannon is the ideal choice geographically and it has a larger population. It would be a kick in the teeth to the traders and business people who rely on council staff for much of their daily trade if a new out-of-

town headquarters was built.

“We must fight to maintain Council jobs in Dungannon. Dungannon has always lost out when public jobs are

concerned. Over the last 30/40 years we have lost public sector posts Health, Water, Road Service, Agriculture, Housing to areas like Omagh and Armagh. We must stop this trend. Everyone must unite publicly to secure the headquarters of Mid-Ulster Council in Dungannon.”