Morrow blasts '˜thug grouping in Coalisland' threatening attendant

The Department of Infrastructure is carrying out a '˜risk assessment' after the first traffic attendant to be deployed in Coalisland was forced to leave.

Friday, 18th November 2016, 7:23 am
Updated Friday, 18th November 2016, 12:23 pm

It is understood the attendant was allegedly threatened by a member of the public and left the town within half an hour.

The department has confirmed that its officials are investigating reports of an alleged incident last week.

Local DUP MLA Lord Maurice Morrow condemned what he called “thug mentality” and is demanding answers as to why the traffic attendants were suddenly withdrawn.

He also called on the elected representatives who slammed his support of traffic regulations in the area, “to condemn such behaviour and look to the interests of those who ultimately suffer as result of thug mentality”.

Lord Morrow said: “Having welcomed the deployment of traffic attendants in Coalisland less than a week ago, it is regrettable so soon thereafter to be condemning those whose intimidatory actions have rubber-stamped their refusal to accept parity with other areas.

“Naturally I expected the sharp tongues of those who are angered by my raising this issue with one in particular telling me to butt-out, mind my own business and leave Coalisland to its own elected representatives.

“So where are they now when elements of the community are throwing their weight around and issuing threats and warnings? What action have they taken to address this behaviour or even condemn it? Where exactly do they stand on this issue?

“Instead, my phone is ringing with residents and business owners upset that the thug grouping in Coalisland are exercising control again. They come to me, I’m not going to them.”

Lord Morrow added that it would be helpful if those who criticise him actually did something for their constituents and encouraged the same regulation for a safer community with free-flowing traffic in Coalisland.