Morrow calls for SF to suspended Padraic Wilson

LORD Morrow has called on Sinn Fein to suspend its Director of International Affairs whilst he is undergoing investigations for IRA-related offences.

“Padraic Wilson was already facing charges relating to IRA membership in 1999/2000, when further offences are alleged to have come to light, which we are told are connected to the incident in which Robert McCartney was brutally murdered in 2004.

“Whilst there is no suggestion Wilson was involved in the actual murder, it is clear there are potential issues in relation to IRA membership. Throughout the duration of these matters being investigated, Sinn Fein, (who keep telling us they are supporting the rule of law, although their stance on dissidents such as Marian Price, Martin Corey and convicted terrorist Gerry McGeough doesn’t do anything to enhance that), should respect due process and suspend this member of staff until the case is concluded. Where criminal allegations of this nature are laid before the court, then Sinn Fein should move to stand Wilson down.

“It is difficult for Unionists to accept Sinn Fein’s commitment to the judicial process when they continue to allow a person on two separate sets of terrorist charges to hold high office within their organisation.

“I am also concerned as to why, in relation the other earlier charges, Wilson was permitted to proffer his address to the court as the Sinn Fein Advice Centre, Belfast – something in which he is somewhat unique, as the Justice Minister has confirmed he is the only person facing criminal charges to do so. This is certainly questionable and extremely difficult for the general public to comprehend.

“Sinn Fein’s stance on this serious matter does nothing to take Northern Ireland forward into a normal society despite their protestations that this is their aim and objective. They cannot expect to endear themselves to the Unionist community or portray a society of equals if they continue to practice a separatist agenda which applies only to their own ideals.”