Motorists ‘ignore’ speed limits near schools - Magherafelt councillor

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Magherafelt Sinn Féin Councillor Seán McPeake has raised the issue of speeding traffic along the busy Mayogall Road, particularly at the sites of St Brigid’s and St Mary’s Primary Schools.

Safety concerns have been raised by a number of parents worried about the safety of pedestrians and motorists alike in the mornings and afternoons when children and parents are entering and leaving school premises.

Councillor Mc Peake said: “Despite traffic calming measures which have been introduced in Gulladuff and which extends to outside St Brigid’s Primary School, many motorists continue to ignore the speed limits and are placing lives in danger. Particularly in the vicinity of busy schools, caution needs to be exercised in the proximity of these schools for children crossing the road, entering cars and walking home.

“DRD Roads Service have stated that they cannot place speed ramps on this roadway as it is classified as a busy arterial route. I have asked roads Service officials for a meeting to discuss what other practicable measures which may be implemented to improve the safety of parents and children using the two schools.”