Mountain bikers give up their free time to resurface Davagh Forest trails

Mountain bikers help resurface tracks at Davagh Forest
Mountain bikers help resurface tracks at Davagh Forest

Thirteen mountain bikers who visit Davagh Forest answered the council’s call for volunteers to help resurface its trails during Davagh Dig Day.

The dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly to resurface some of the red mountain bike trails within the forest on Saturday, June 18.

With the Davagh Forest Trails, powered by Chain Reaction Cycles, attracting thousands of mountain bikers each month, ongoing maintenance carried out on days like this is essential to keeping trails in tip top condition.

The day also provided an opportunity for those that use them to give something back.

Three years ago the walk and mountain bike trails, which were designed by UK’s leading experts to be durable and sustainable for the thousands of walkers and mountain bikers that use them, opened within the forest.

However by their very nature, all trail developments require continuous upkeep to ensure they remain safe.

Councillor Dominic Molloy, chair of the council’s development committee, thanked those who contributed.

“The volunteers have done a great job, giving up their time and bringing their skill and expertise to ensure that fresh stone was laid to help protect the trails during the busy summer months we have ahead,” he said.

“Their contribution not only saved money, but also ensured that the work could be done with minimum disruption.

“Hopefully they, and all the other users of the forest, will now reap the benefits of their work as they ride the trails in Davagh”.

Visit for more information on MountainBikeNI Trails Team.