Moy man’s Valentine’s rampage recalled in court

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WHEN a Moy man failed in his Valentine’s bid to win his ex-girlfriend back, he destroyed a number of doors at the house she was in, causing extensive damage to the property, Dungannon Magistrates Court has heard.

Dominic McGrath, 23, from Oakfield Close, admitted the offence, which occurred over and including February 14 and 18 last year.

Police were alerted to the incident by an occupant of the house in Coalisland, who said McGrath had entered the property and demanded to see his ex-partner.

McGrath shouted to his former girlfriend, “I love you! I love you!”, but when she told him she no longer wanted to be with him, he said he would “break everything to get her back”.

When McGrath was interviewed about the incident, he denied even knowing where the house was. However, DNA tests from blood found on the living room carpet of the house, were discovered to belong to McGrath.

McGrath’s lawyer said his client was “distraught” when he arrived at the house after drinking a bottle of Vodka and consuming Diazepam, the lawyer added.

McGrath was sentenced to four months in prison.