Nature lovers needed to restore the humble bogsite

AN CREAGAN will be attempting to educate volunteers on the importance of the humble bog when they undertake a restoration event on Saturday.

They may lack the glamour of the seashore, the romance of a wildflower meadow or the allure of a woodland but An Creagan is asking you to look a little closer and see that native peatlands are amazing places with their own story to tell.

Volunteers of all ages with a passion for the environment are required to come along on Saturday 23 June as they restore an area of bogland and return it to a haven for nature. Whether you have done this type of thing before or are a complete beginner with an interest in helping the environment you are sure to enjoy the day.

You’ll go home with dirty hands and that good feeling that comes from helping nature. They will clear the brash and scrub to allow the bog plants to thrive and will plant a border of native trees to stabilise the bog edge and provide food and shelter for birds and animals.

Creggan Bog is the perfect place to take a closer look at the amazing plants and animals which make bogs so unique. You’ll find cranberries and blueberries, cottons and heathers providing food for some of Northern Ireland’s protected species.

Around this time of year you can find the large heath butterfly on the wing, a UK priority species which can only survive in bogland. If you are an early riser you might catch a glimpse of the illusive Irish Hare or hear a drumming snipe or the evocative call of the curlew. Proof that bogs play their part in our natural heritage and have a little bit of charm too!

Participants should meet at 10.00am on Saturday 23 June, in the courtyard of An Creagán centre. Old clothes, boots and gloves are recommended.

If you would like to find out more about this event or the biodiversity around An Creagán call Peter on 028 8076 1112 or email An Creagán is located on the A505 halfway between Omagh and Cookstown.