New app unlocks ‘Neagh-ture’ for all

The new Lough Neagh app
The new Lough Neagh app

The team at i3 Digital are celebrating yet another milestone in delivering truly innovative and immersive digital solutions to bolster tourism in one of Northern Ireland’s most popular beauty spots, Lough Neagh.

The company of firsts has just launched a brand new app, Un-lough Neagh-Ture, which they say is the first environmental Augmented Reality (AR) app of its kind in Ireland.

i3 Digital’s multi award-winning app team designed and built the app as a navigation and educational tool for local nature enthusiasts and tourists. Un-Lough Neagh-Ture features 16 environmentally significant sites located around the Lough Neagh Wetlands, including local and national nature reserves.

The cutting edge app immerses users and provides them with the ability to view specific virtual ‘floating’ information on their smart phone while enabling them to locate, identify, and report natural heritage species and specific habitat features.

The free app also enables users to explore and learn about the countless unique environmental sites and quickly identify the key natural and public facilities at their disposal.

Once users have downloaded the free app from Google Playstore they are also fully equipped to photograph Lough Neagh’s truly stunning scenery from their smart phone and share immediately on social media. Should there be any concerns, unique species spotted or areas of question, users can simply tag the pictures with a GPS co-ordinate and forward them onto the LNP for observation using the ‘Report It’ tool.

To access the free app, search for ‘Un-Lough Neagh-Ture’ in Google Playstore.