New Causeway Hospital Campaign Group set up

A new campaign group has been set up to safeguard the future of Causeway Hospital in Coleraine.

Members will campaign for the “sustainability and long term viability” of the hospital.

The newly established group, called Causeway Hospital Campaign, comprises experienced medical practitioners, health care workers and concerned members of the local community served by Causeway Hospital.

The group has set up a blog on where people can follow what they are doing.

They have produced a downloadable proforma letter which people can use to reply to the consultation document Transforming Your Care.

Help for those who wish to respond to the document is available on the website. The deadline for replies is Tuesday, January 15.

They wish to let communities know that there is help on the website and the deadline for replying is January 15th 2013.

The Causeway Campaign Group says: “We are determined to ensure that both citizens and visitors to the area receive skilled, appropriate and timely interventions to meet their health needs.”

Full details about the group and how you can help take action can be obtained at