Northern Ireland Ex-Firefighters Mid-Ulster Association

NORTHERN Ireland Ex Fire-fighters Mid Ulster Association were pleased to host a presentation night in Magherafelt fire station on Tuesday 12th March, where Mr Ronan Kelly, himself an ex fire-fighter and also a broadcast journalist was the most esteemed guest speaker.

Ronan Kelly presented a previously unseen video interview which he had recorded in 1997 with the former chief fire officer, George Morrison CBE QFSM.

George Morrison was born in the Ardoyne fire station in 1923 and followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, both of whom were firemen.

Mr Morrison served in many locations across Northern Ireland before being appointed as fire force commander in 1972.

He held this office until the Northern Ireland Fire Authority amalgamated with the Belfast Fire Brigade in 1973.

This newly formed brigade, now entitled, “Fire Authority for Northern Ireland” appointed George Morrison as its Chief Fire Officer, a rank he held until his retirement in 1982.

In the footage Mr Morrison discussed his experiences while serving as a fireman before and after the amalgamation and how the introduction of new appliances, equipment and technology has changed how the brigade responds to incidents.

Mr Morrison sadly died in 2006, but is still held in revere and admiration by all who served with him.

The Northern Ireland Ex-Firefighters Mid Ulster Association would like to thank the large number of serving and ex-fire fighters that attended, this made the presentation night such a success and a most enjoyable event.