Video: Tyrone man makes massive splash with roadside surfing on flooding Manchester street

A Derrylaughan man is making a splash online with some roadside barrelling on a surf board in rainy, rainy Manchester.

Sean-Caio Corr, who plays for local hurling team Naomh Colum Cille and is a past St Patrick’s Academy pupil, is in the second year of an International Business degree at Manchester University.

Sean-Ciao Corr enjoys some city surfing

Sean-Ciao Corr enjoys some city surfing

The keen 19-year-old surfer and his Welsh friend Christian Berger, 24, decided to do take their boards out in the rain near Manchester’s Curry Mile last week.

The pair can be seen, kitted out for a day at the beach, doing ‘barrel rolls’ in the surf provided by cars that splashed the pair as they drove by.

Sean told this reporter the pair had never intended to make a video.

“It was just a bit of craic,” he said.

“Really it was just a bit of fun - me and my friend both surf and we were joking about it one day.

“There was really heavy rain and we actually just went out and did it.

“The reaction we got was pretty funny. There was people standing at their doors. People taking videos and people coming up to and telling us we had made their day.

“Cars were pulling in and asking us did we want them to turn around and do it again.

“It was so funny.”