Video: Unlikely animal friends, Fergus the dog shares kisses with cows

Fergus the Tibetan Terrier
Fergus the Tibetan Terrier

An unlikely animal friendship has taken hold between a Tibetan Terrier and a group of cows living in a field near his Tyrone home.

Fergus’s owner, Tyler Williamson, told the Mail the excited pooch whines as he passes the field his friends live in on their walks, unless they stop to say hello.

“The first day we went to the gate to have a look at the cows,” Tyler said.

“And I couldn’t believe it when all these cows came over, and instead of barking or growling at them, Fergus’s tail started wagging like mad and when the cows came down to his level, he started to lick them.

“What was most surprising though, was that the cows started to lick him back - it was really funny.

“Now when we take Fergus out for a walk, he is not happy unless he gets to go and see his buddies.”