Offer of an easy loan on Cookstown Buy, Swap or Sell Facebook site ‘ringing alarm bells’

Ad promising easy loans on Cookstown - Buy, Swap or Sell
Ad promising easy loans on Cookstown - Buy, Swap or Sell

Citizens Advice Bureau have teamed up with the Mail in warning locals to steer clear of online offers of easy loans.

Would-be money lenders have taken to Buy, Swap or Sell sites - hosted by Facebook - to make the offer of financial help through sending an email.

And while police say they haven’t had any reports of the suspicious offer, one post to Cookstown - Buy, Swap or Sell promises those with problems “lending in banks” will not face the same difficulty with them as “I offer you my help”.

The advertisement, posted by Romaine Amphy, goes on to say: “If you are an honest and conscious person and you want a loan, then I authorize you now.”

When quizzed on the post, Amphy replied: “No I’m not loaner I say my son work at bank and I help my friends get easily loan through him.”

And the money, they said, comes from “la banque POPULAIRE”, which, on the bank’s official site, boasts offices worldwide.

Facebook said the posts do not breach their policies, but Citizens Advice Specialist Money Advisor Lynn Newell has urged people to “be suspicious of companies offering quick and easy cash and those who promise cash regardless of a person’s credit history”.

Adding: “Dungannon and Cookstown Citizens Advice Bureau support the Mid Ulster Mail in regards to these ads and would urge the public not to forward their bank details to anyone that they are not absolutely certain of.”

Heather Parkes, who took to Facebook to warn others about the perceived danger of such offers, told the Mail: “In my opinion that sort of material does not go on a buy and sell site.

“I clicked on the person and saw that the profile was only opened in 2014, that rang alarm bells to me.”