Omagh man shouted ‘black b*****ds’ at a group of foreign nationals

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An Omagh man has been fined for shouting racist abuse at a group of foreign nationals during a night out in Cookstown.

Aidan Peter McCullagh, 23, of Striff Lane, Omagh pleaded guilty to the charge of disorderly behaviour relating to an incident on Chapel Street, Cookstown on March 23 this year.

A court heard how police saw the defendant walking with another male at around 2.20am. Police observed the defendant shouting across the road at a group of foreign nationals shouting “black b*****ds’. One of the males in the group crossed into the road and told the defendant to ‘stop being so racist’, to which he replied shouting ‘black b*****ds’ again. A defence solicitor for Mr McCullagh told the court her client was highly intoxicated on the night in question. The PPS noted the incident would be recorded as a hate crime. He was fined £250 and £15 compensation order.