‘Out-of-control’ dog shot dead with firearm in Dungannon

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A Staffordshire bull terrier that went “out of control” during an attack on another dog in Dungannon before turning on its owner was shot dead with a legally held firearm.

The animal had attacked a dog on a neighbouring property and pulled its owner to the ground when he attempted to separate them.

Despite the viciousness of the incident, it was claimed the animal was a family pet that was in regular contact with small children.

The incident occurred when the dog strayed into the neighbour’s garden and set about his dog in a vicious attack that caused injuries.

Another person at the scene then shot the dog dead with a legally held firearm.

At Dungannon Court, District Judge John Meehan imposed fines totalling £440 and ordered the owner to compensate the victim for his veterinary costs to treat the injured dog. The victim had to be treated by ambulance staff, while his pet required veterinary treatment for injuries.