Over 40 drive-offs from petrol stations in Dungannon and Cookstown

Fuel drive-offs
Fuel drive-offs

There were 46 recorded offences of ‘making off without payment’ for fuel in the last 12 months across the district.

According to figures obtained by the Tyrone Times from the PSNI, there have been 46 recorded offences for ‘F district’ in 2013, which includes Cookstown and Dungannon.

Despite the 46 incidents where people drove off from petrol stations without paying for their fuel, no convictions have been made for these offences.

PSNI have released some helpful information to help businesses try and prevent these type of incidents occurring.

One of the best ways businesses can help prevent or catch those people making off without payment is through the use of CCTV.

The PSNI said: “CCTV systems are an important security aspect for your business and can help us with your criminal investigation.

“However, in order to make sure that we have all the details it is important that you do the following: Change tapes daily; use tapes no more than 12 times; always keep recorded tapes for at least a month. ”