Overend encourages opinions on Magherafelt public realm scheme

ULSTER Unionist Assembly Member for Mid-Ulster, Sandra Overend, recently met with Davina McCartney of Magherafelt District Council to discuss the recently published Magherafelt Public Realm Scheme.

Sandra commented: “The Public Realm Scheme design is intricate in detail and bears witness to a number of influences including the Department of Social Development who aim to put the heart back into town centres and re-create their image as vibrant social hubs.

I am aware that there are a number of concerns with the plans and I used this opportunity to relay those feelings to the Council. I feel that is very important that any future design for the town centre should take into consideration the existing business, markets and way of life of the locals here and should not be detrimental to town life or to business, but should enhance them in every way.”

“The Council have informed me that in addition to the current consultation they intend to launch a shoppers’ survey to determine whether the proposals outlined in the plan compliment the needs of those who live, work and shop in the area,” she added.

“I would encourage all members of the public to participate in the consultation process which runs until March 2. Your comments and opinions are vital to the final development of this plan and should serve to ensure that the public realm is indeed created to best advantage the people most frequently using that space.”

Sandra invited anyone who wishes to obtain a copy of the plans or fill out a feedback form to call into her office, contact the Bridewell Centre or Magherafelt Council directly. The plans can also be accessed online at www.magherafelt.gov.uk.