Overend learns of Kilronan School’s important work

ULSTER Unionist MLA Sandra Overend recently visited Kilronan Special School in Magherafelt to learn more about the important work they do in connection with Barnardo’s NI.

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to visit with the staff and pupils of Kilronan Special School, Magherafelt and learn more of their close working relationship with Barnardo’s NI,” she said.

“Barnardo’s offer an essential service to the community of Northern Ireland by working in partnership to support children, young people, families and schools. As any parent will tell you, children have a diverse and complex range of needs and I fully support Barnardo’s assertion that educators cannot and should not be expected to deal with all the needs a child might have.

“Barnardo’s have been working in school’s throughout Northern Ireland delivering a broad range of support services to complement and enhance the progress of teachers and staff. My visit to Kilronan Special School served to provide a comprehensive insight into the positive benefits of a community school approach and I would encourage all to give their support to the efforts of Barnado’s in this vein.”