Overend responds to Advanced Shared Education Report

ULSTER Unionist MLA for Mid-Ulster, Sandra Overend has welcomed the ‘Advanced Shared Education’ report which was published last week; however Mrs Overend and her Party colleagues are appalled with its horrendous attack on grammar schools and selection.

Mrs Overend stated “I welcome much of this report, and in particular the promotion of sharing to enhance the education of our young people, whether that through schools working together or young people coming together to learn. However, I cannot abide by the report’s unreserved attack on academic selection, and on the Province’s grammar school system as a whole.”

Mrs Overend went on to say “Sinn Fein’s constant attempts to do away with grammar schools are highly evident in this report, and the anti-grammar school sentiment must not be allowed to damage excellent and established schools in Mid-Ulster, including the Rainey Endowed, St, Mary’s and many others. I strongly support the need and existence of both grammar and comprehensive schooling, as they help utilise the educational requirements of pupils from all points of interest and backgrounds.”

“It is interesting to see the DUP are now joining us in standing up for grammar schools, academic selection and the voluntary principle, following their weak stance on The Educational Skills Authority which is being proposed via The Education Bill.”