Overend welcomes drugs seizure

ULSTER Unionist Assembly Member for Mid-Ulster, Sandra Overend has commended the work of the Police Service of Northern Ireland over the weekend in seizing £45k worth of cannabis and £30k of cash in Magherfelt, and arresting two suspects.

“I commend the good work of the Police Service of Northern Ireland in making a significant drugs seizure in Magherafelt overnight, lifting approximately £45k worth of cannabis and £30k cash,” she said.

“Drugs are a scourge to our society; drug dealers must not be allowed to win, to inflict their pain on others, while also gaining financially.”

Ms Overend who is the Ulster Unionist Party Spokesperson for Children and Young People continued, “We, as responsible citizens, must continue to educate our youth in these matters, warn them of the dangers of drugs and the reasons why they are illegal.

“No matter what our families see on television, hear talked about by so-called role models, it is our responsibility to ensure that drugs do not become ‘normal’ in our daily lives.

“This action by the PSNI is certainly welcomed and I would appeal to anyone with any further information about drugs in our society to speak directly to the police.”