Overend welcomes launch of Innocent Victims United Charter

ULSTER Unionist MLA for Mid-Ulster, Sandra Overend was pleased to attend the recent launch of the Innocent Victims United Charter at Parliament Buildings.

Following the event, Mrs Overend stated “I was delighted to support the launch of the Innocent Victims United Charter in Parliament Buildings today. Innocent Victims United represents a significant number of innocent victims, and their Charter provides a framework which Innocent Victims United wish to see both the Assembly and society work to, to ensure that the needs of innocent victims are met, to build a better society in Northern Ireland.”

Mrs Overend went on to say “Unfortunately Innocent Victims United have been forced to produce their own Charter, highlighting the failure to deal with the past effectively. Structures currently in place to help deal with the past fall short of meeting the requirements of innocent victims. The issue which probably carries the most anxiety for Innocent Victims United is the building of a so-called ‘Peace’ Centre at the site of the former Maze Prison. I, along with my Party colleagues, believe that this site is the worst possible location to build such a centre.”

“It is apparent that we urgently need to see the development of a definition for an innocent victim/survivor of terrorism. In the current climate, the definition of an innocent victim is unacceptable, as it places such victims on a par with terrorists, and this actually adds to the trauma and stresses already suffered by these people.”