Painkillers took over my daughter’s life, says heartbroken Tyrone mum

Isobel Broderick at her daughter Angie's grave
Isobel Broderick at her daughter Angie's grave

The heartbroken mother of a young woman who died after suffering a long addiction to over the counter painkillers, says she promised her daughter she would fight to have the products taken off the shelves.

Isobel Broderick’s daughter Angie, who was 36 when she died in September past, endured a lengthy and difficult struggle with her health after she began taking painkillers to cope with severe period pain at the age of 15.

Isobel Broderick's daughter, Angie, who died in September 2015

Isobel Broderick's daughter, Angie, who died in September 2015

Such was the level of Angie’s addiction to the pain relief products - and Nurofen Plus in particular - that Isobel recalls how her “quiet and modest” daughter changed before her eyes.

“Angie put in an horrendous five years before she died”, Isobel continues.

“In 2015 she went into a sort of coma and it was just me and her. She would burn lino, clothes, electric blankets, and she didn’t even know she was doing it. The painkillers just took over her life. She changed so much.”

Isobel has set up a Facebook page, In Angie’s Memory, and is currently campaigning to have painkillers such as Nurofen Plus, as well as those containing Ibuprofen, to be made available only on prescription.

“I want people to know I’m not in this for money or for a big head”, said Isobel.

“Before Angie died I told her I would make sure I would get them (painkillers) taken off the shelves and made prescription only. So far I have had an amazing response through the Facebook page, and people have contacted me to tell me their stories.”

The TIMES contacted the company responsible for the sale of Nurofen Plus about this story but no comment was received from the organisation.