Paramedic attacked by car crash victim he was trying to help


A paramedic with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service has been assaulted by the patient whom he was trying to help following a two vehicle road traffic collision.

A spokesperson for the NI Ambulance Service said: “The crew arrived at the scene of the incident near Antrim within four minutes of being notified which is reflective of their commitment and desire to help those in need.

“When the crew arrived at the scene, one person required assistance but he became verbally aggressive before punching and kicking out at the paramedic who was trying to help.

“The paramedic, in trying to restrain the patient and protect himself, received a hand injury with potential ligament damage to his thumb.

“He continued with the call, taking his assailant to hospital for further treatment, before being checked out himself – further evidence of his own personal dedication to the job he has chosen to do.

“Once again the Trust finds itself in the position of having to call for stiff sentences to be given to those who assault our staff. We do not believe that any circumstances justify such assaults. Our staff are committed to helping those who have an urgent need of assistance and should be left alone to do what they do best.”