Patrick Kielty coming to Burnavon in Cookstown

Patrick Kielty
Patrick Kielty

Patrick Kielty ‘Knows Nothing And Needs Your Help’ when he comes to Burnavon in Cookstown on June 6.

Can you believe comedian Patrick Kielty graducated with a degree in psychology?

She [my wife] laughs at my ineptitude more than she laughs at my jokes

But despite being well educated ahead of his new tour the funnyman claims he knows “nothing”.

The show Patrick Kielty Knows Nothing And Needs Your Help will see the star, who is married to fellow presenter Cat Deeley, back on stage for the first time in almost six years.

He says the show will attempt to rewrite his rules for love, life and happiness.

And from what we’re hearing there are quite a few insights into his celebrity couple lifestyle with Cat.

However, Cat doesn’t even find him funny.

He said: “My wife is funnier than I am.

“She laughs at my ineptitude more than she laughs at my jokes.

“Really she refers to me as her ‘Stu’ which I found out is short for her stupid husband.

“My kid brother’s take on it all is ‘some people think you are the funniest man in Ireland, but you’re not even the funniest man in our family’.”