People of Kildress express anger and condemnation of Teebane memorial attack

Paint poured over the Teebane memorial which along the main Cookstown to Omagh
Paint poured over the Teebane memorial which along the main Cookstown to Omagh

Letter to the Editor, in response to the paint attack on the memorial to the Teebane bombing victims.

Sir - I have many different emotions as I write this letter, confusion, anger, disappointment, but mostly sadness.

Sadness at the mindless thuggery some individuals inflicted on the Teebane memorial, by paint bombing it last Sunday.

I am a Catholic and a Republican, that is why I can condemn this act, because any true Republican wouldn’t be associated with such acts.

I have a very simple question to ask the perpetrators: “How would you feel if someone vandalised your loved one’s grave or memorial?”

The people who carried out this act, planned it. They just didn’t drive by and decide “Oh I have paint in the boot etc”. They procured paint and the whole act was planned.

I would like to think no one from the Kildress area, young or old had anything to do with this vandalism. However, if there was, I would ask them to turn their focus towards any of the several community based groups in the area.

During the past couple of days, I have spoken to numerous people in Kildress who have wholeheartedly condemned this act. The overwhelming feeling is disgust by the people of Kildress. These people have no place in our society, have no agenda and certainly do not represent any Catholic or Republic anywhere.

We, the people of Kildress would like to take this opportunity to express our sorrow to the families affected and reassure them, we understand your anger.

Concerned resident of Kildress