‘Driver’ with a very different licence

Cookstown Police had a bit of a double take moment after they spotted what at first glance appeared to be a driver with a very different kind of licence.

Tuesday, 29th October 2019, 5:56 pm
Double take moment for police.

They were travelling on the A29 when a car pulled up alongside them with a dog in the front seat.

As the picture shows it looked for all the world like the dog was actually at the wheel.

The police said: “Stopped on the A29 there and a car pulls up alongside us.

“Brief moment of stunned silence as we look at the car, then at each other... #AtLeastHeHadALicence.”

Of course, it was all a trick of the angle with the dog sitting in the passenger seat 
- obviously enjoying the 

It did move some Facebook poster to say the dog was probably a ‘better driver than some people on the roads’ - that’s a bit ruff!