Glasgowbury ‘I AM’ project gets funding

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Draperstown-based Glasgowbury is to receive funding of £122,929 from the International Fund for Ireland for a project targeting young people.

The ‘I AM’ project for people aged 16-25 years will run over 15 months learning them new and transferable skills such as building good relations, developing confidence and community skills and understanding of different cultures through teamwork and individual work.

The project is one of nine across Northern Ireland and the southern border counties to benefit from an investment of £1.1 for ‘polarised communities who have not felt the benefits of peace and reconciliation.’

The funding has been allocated to a range of initiatives across the Peace Impact Programme (PIP) and Personal Youth Development Programme (PYDP).

These groups face many challenges and are working hard to remove the influence of paramilitaries and offer alternative paths of engagement for opportunities and positive life choices.

Paddy Harte, Chairman of the International Fund for Ireland said: “External challenges such as the ongoing uncertainty of Brexit, the lack of a functioning Executive and the rise of hardline dissidents have created a considerable void, which is having a very negative impact upon communities.

“Understandably, we can see that these challenges have resulted in mistrust and alienation for some.

It comes at a critical time in the Peace Process where we want to see communities flourish instead of returning to darker times of the past.”

Mr Harte added that the Fund is the only organisation that is engaging with some of the most disengaged in society.