New bannerette pays tribute to victims

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A new bannerette bearing the names of eight members of Pomeroy District Orange Lodge who were murdered by terrorists was dedicated in the Tyrone village on Sunday.

The dedication took place during the church service held in Altedesert Parish Church in Pomeroy and was undertaken by the Rector, Rev Diane Matchett.

Many family members and relatives of the eight murdered brethren were present in what was a very poignant occasion.

Also present were the officers and members of Pomeroy District LOL No 5 who paraded to the church from the assemby point at Dungannon Crossroads and were headed by the new bannerette on the return parade.

They were led by Matt Boyd Memorial Pipe Band which was very appropriate for the occasion given that the band is named in memory of one of the murdered brethren.

Pomeroy District Master Bro Bertie Kelso said: “It is very appropriate to remember our murdered brethren in this way.

“One of our Orange Halls in the district has seven plaques on the wall of the lodge room in memory of our murdered members which illustrates how deeply local communities suffered as a result of terrorism. This bannerette will be carried at the front of Pomeroy District at the forthcoming Twelfth demonstration and will be a lasting tribute to our murdered brethren.

“We will never allow their names to be forgotten nor allow history to be rewritten in relation to what took place in the recent past in Northern Ireland.” He added that he was particularly pleased to see relatives and family present.

The murdered brethren of Pomeroy District whose names are on the bannerette, including their date of death, are as follows: Ivan Charleton LOL 1011 27 November 1973; Harold Sinnamon LOL 325 11 April 1974; Stanley Adams LOL 293 28 October 1976; Jim Johnston LOL 325 8 May 1984; William Graham LOL 293 25 April 1987; Eric Boyd LOL 293 5 August 1991; Matthew Boyd LOL 325 11 January 1993, and David Martin LOL 293 25 April 1993.