NI woman tells of horror after chronic illness hosts itself in her brain - and pleads for help to pay for treatment

A NI woman has appealed for help 'to get her life back' after being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease - Lyme Neuroborreliosis.

Thursday, 14th November 2019, 4:20 pm

Emma Love, 29, from Enniskillen in Co Fermanagh has been chronically ill for the past three years.

She said she recently found out after many different diagnoses that she has late stage - Chronic Lyme Disease (Lyme Neuroborreliosis - which has hosted itself on her brain.

In a Gofundme appeal, the brave young woman makes an appeal to "get my life back".

To date £2005 has been raised in her health journey - Emma's Chronic Lyme disease treatment fund."I want to go back to being the happy go lucky and active person I used to be," she said.

"I have done a lot of fundraising for many different charities over the years but I never thought I would be fundraising for myself.

"Thanks to recently being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease I have been left with no choice."

She said the symptoms she suffers from to date are

Emma Love

"-Depression and anxiety

-Mobility issues (have NHS walking stick and NHS wheelchair for long distance)

-Memory/concentration issues

-Loss of brain function & brain fog

A tick that causes Lyme disease

-Muscle twitching, spasms & cramps

-Headaches & migraines

-Joint, nerve & bone pain

-Severe chest & neck pain

-Back, jaw, eye & hip pain

-Unable to put any pressure on either hip

-Weakness in left side & joints

-Numbness in limbs

-Rashes/skin issues


-Chronic sore throat

-Chronic fatigue

-Unregulated body temperature

-Low B12, low vitamin D, low folic acid ".

She said her final diagnosis only came about after her mum got her private healthcare when "she researched the best lab to get the Lyme disease test done".

"The test was completed via a very reputable, award winning lab in Germany," she said.

"One week later the results were in, I had chronic Lyme disease, co-infections a very suppressed immune system. So after three years of my suffering we now have an answer.

"After a lot of research we have found out the NHS protocol for treating Chronic Lyme is non-existent.

"They give you a couple of weeks of antibiotics which can certainly treat acute Lyme disease but not Chronic Lyme disease.”

She added: "We have no choice but to go private once again but with my family having exhausted their means of paying for private appointments, we are asking for your help.

"I have been unable to work for two years now due to this horrific disease. I really want this treatment so I can get better and get back to working and living the normal life of a 29 year old.

"I have been ill since I was 26 and I feel I have lost out on so much. This illness has taken away a few years of my life and now I know what is causing the illness, I want to treat it and get better!"

"If Chronic Lyme disease is left untreated it can lead to death, a number of people have died from Chronic Lyme disease.

"I have all of the Chronic Lyme disease symptoms apart from having heart problems, so I want to get treated as soon as possible.

"It is so important I get this treatment as soon as possible!

"We are pleading for donations of any amount! Every donation is appreciated! "