Plumber headbutted police car window, Magherafelt Court told

Magherafelt Courthouse.
Magherafelt Courthouse.

A PLUMBER who called a woman police officer a ‘foreign Polish c..t’ , was fined £150 at Magherafelt Magistrates Court for disorderly behaviour.

James John Joseph Cleary (27), of Park View, Castledawson was fined a further £165 for resisting police at Rainey Street car park, Magherafelt in the early hours of December 1 last year.

A prosecuting lawyer said police noticed defendant kicking out at a BMW car and on approaching him he became abusive and refused to calm down for officers.

She said when he was put into the police car he headbutted the car window and had to be transferred to a cell van in which he continued to be abusive towards officers.

Admitting the offences defence solicitor Stephen Atherton said Cleary’s aggressive behaviour had been fuelled by intoxicating liquor.

Mr Atherton stressed defendant had nothing against foreign nationals, as he was in a relationship with one.

He said the defendant become incensed after handcuffs were placed on him too tightly.

District Judge Alan White said he was prepared to accept that it was a one-off offence caused by too much alcohol.