Police advise on ‘find phone’ apps

POLICE are urging Smartphone owners to consider utilising services that allow their devices to be located remotely if lost or stolen.

A police spokesman said: “Some Smartphones and tablets, such as Apple iPhones and iPads, have an application that allows them to be traced and located from a computer if stolen or lost.

“We have had instances in F District in which devices have been recovered though the ‘find my phone’ application.

“These applications are downloadable for a number of devices. Those who own Smartphones on the Android system can also install an app after their device goes missing. Some applications are free, while others have charges.

“We do recommend, though, that if you think your device has been stolen and you discover its location with the app, that you contact police with the information rather than trying to recover it yourself.”

Several tutorials to help Smartphone users through the process can be seen on YouTube.