Police attack blamed on ‘sinister elements’

Police officers came under attack
Police officers came under attack

An attack on a police patrol car by a gang of masked man has been condemned as part of ‘a worrying trend’ perpetrated by sinister elements.

UUP Councillor Walter Cuddy called on the perpetrators to put a stop to the violence after two police officers narrowly escaped injury when the ten-strong gang threw bricks and paint at their car in the Moygashel court area of Dungannon.

They were lured into the attack by a call for emergency help at around 11pm on Tuesday night.

Police withdrew from the area as they came under attack from masonry.

It was later established the call for assistance was a hoax.

Councillor Cuddy said the attackers were putting lives at risk.

“This is part of a worrying trend in the area and must be condemned. It’s sad to see that polcie officers could be subjected to such an attack,

“However, it is also up to the wider community, and the council itself to tackle the underlying issues that has sparked this behaviour.

“We are here to facilitate our residents, and to work out what we can do to ensure that we all live in harmony.”

Councillor Cuddy added that the attack was not representative of the vast majority of people in the area, who want the police to continue protecting them.

“If anyone has any information about the incident I would ask them to contact the police”, said the councillor.

“This kind of attack can escalate very quickly into a life-threatening situation.”

PSNI inspector Keith Jamieson said the officers were “extremely fortunate to have escaped without serious injury or worse”.

“The masonry thrown could easily have caused serious injury to the officers or members of the public.

“I would appeal to the community of Moygashel to turn their backs on those who wish to conduct such criminal activity.

“I find it frustrating and disappointing that police were targeted in this way and I would appeal to anyone who has any information about the incident to contact police in Dungannon.”