Police crack down on metal thefts across Dungannon district

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The number of metal thefts in Dungannon and South Tyrone has fallen by around 40% in the last 12 months.

According to latest figures obtained by the TIMES from the PSNI, metal crime across F District which also includes Cookstown and Omagh, the number of metal thefts have decreased.

In financial year 2012/13 there were 40 recorded theft offences of metal, while in 2013/14 there were 24.

These recorded offences include burglary, robbery and theft where the property stolen includes metal.

Cookstown metal thefts were also on the decline by around 28% as the number of recorded offences dropped from 28 to 17.

The detailed report from the PSNI further breaks down the offences by type of metal stolen, with Copper by far the most stolen metal across the district with lead and steel the other popular types stolen.

The PSNI have issued a checklist for property owners to ensure their premises are secured from opportunistic metal thieves.

Remove or delay fitting metal such as copper tanks and copper pipes if a house is going to be empty.

Mark metal with tamper-proof stickers, UV spray or grease. Use your post code and house number if possible.

Use signs on vacant properties warning that metal has been marked or removed.

Consider using anti-climb paint, however you may have to display signage.

Metal and cable thefts cause flooding, risk of electric shock to the public, loss of emergency phone services and more.

Police have urged the public to report any suspicious behaviour around derelict properties by contact them on non-emergency number 101.