Police issue warning after youths vandalise life-saving equipment


Damaging or removing life-saving equipment located along the banks of local waterways could cost someone their life, police have warned.

Officers spoke out about the issue this week after an incident on Sunday during which a group of young people removed a lifebuoy ring from its cabinet and threw it into the pond at Moneymore Park.

Details of the incident were posted on the PSNI Magherafelt Facebook page on Monday.

“Yesterday we received a report from a member of the community reporting that a group of young people between the ages of eight and 15 years of age were interfering with life-saving equipment and trying to throw it into a river.

“It is vital that this equipment is not damaged or removed as no one can know when it will be needed to save the life of someone who has gone into the water,” the post said.

Police have appealed to parents to speak to their children about the importance of such equipment and why they shouldn’t be interfering with it.